Pindito Expeditions


Choose your own adventure

Pindito is foremost a small expedition cruise ship. With a maximum of 16 guests, every day there is something different to do and your crew are there, so you can make the trip what you want it to be. 

When you choose a liveaboard, you choose the chance to explore a wider variety of locations. With all food, alcohol (excluding wine) and activities included, the price of travelling on a liveaboard is surprisingly good value. Simon Mustoe. 

The Pindito is quite a tranquil environment. Because it’s a home as well as a ship, there is an open-bridge policy. Crew and guests get to know each other well.  She is an extremely quiet vessel. On the top-deck you can hardly hear her engines. She’s twin-stabilised - we use free-standing telescopes on tripods to observe whales! As she generally cruises in calm tropical waters, flanked by islands, conditions tend to be benign. The majority of trips are in flat water and if there’s need to move offshore, calm days are picked. So it's rare anyone ever gets sea sick. 


All activities are fully-supported and Pindito is designed and run very much with the holiday-maker in mind. 

Every Pindito trip is different. The itinerary is a framework but the guests and wildlife help dictate where we go and what we do each day. Diving is an option and absolutely not a necessity. If you just want to try it out  'discovery dives' are available but with a 1:1 crew to guest ratio and three tenders, there is plenty of opportunity for you to choose your own adventure.. 

The presence of naturalists on board with presentations of what we were seeing and thus helping us learn more about the water world we were experiencing made this trip unique. While the kind of wildlife trip is not uncommon for land based learning, the sea based that we had with Wildiaries beats anything else of which I have knowledge. It was truly a unique experience and one worth repeating.”– Susan, US


Pindito has eight teak-panelled 3x3m cabins. All have individual air-conditioning and recently-refurbished ensuite bathrooms and five 220v AC electrical outlets (European 2-pole plugs), available 24/7. Cabins are cleaned daily with fresh towels, as necessary. 

Pindito offers six double cabins and two twin cabins, creating very comfortable accommodation for up to 16 guests. 

In our double cabins, We will happily add an upper bunk to accommodate a family with one child or two people who just want an extra surface on which to place their gear. We are very happy to accommodate single travellers with another same-sex traveller. 

Communal Areas

There are two decks, with comfortable loungers and ample space for guests to enjoy some private time for relaxation. The galley is fully equipped with facilities for tea and coffee making, juice and snacks. There is a fridge stocked with Bintang and a range of spirits, that guests are free to enjoy in the evenings. There is a large flat-screen TV for movies which doubles as our presentation centre.


Trips depart approximately fortnightly, year-round. Pindito is based in the Komodo-Flores region from about MAY-SEP and Raja Ampat from OCT-MAY. In between these dates are longer relocation cruises.

● Check availability with us by completing the form (right). 

● Special rates may apply and we offer discounts for kids as well as repeater discounts.

● A non-diver discount of 10% applies to most trips (unless otherwise specified). Pindito is perfectly able to accommodate non-divers equally.