Sorido Bay


Sorido Bay Resort - Sophistication & Exclusivity

Sorido Bay is world famous for being among the first resorts in Raja Ampat. 

It's located on Kri Island which has been declared a “no take” zone and the reefs in close proximity to our resorts are regarded as among the best in Raja Ampat. Accomodations are scattered along the shoreline of the beach, where pristine forest meets the sandy fringes of the ocean. The island pace is unhurried - the beaches white - the water azure blue. You can almost step out onto pristine coral reef and many of the best sites are at most within 1 to 15 minutes boat ride from the jetties.  This leaves you to relax on a tropical island paradise only minutes after your snorkel or dive.

History & community

Since 1993 the resorts have been pro-active in conservation initiatives and working with the local communities.

10% of profits are donated to support local communities and conservation initiatives. More local people are employed than any other operator, meaning about 90% of staff are Papuans. 

Visiting students briefed about activities to do around the island and what creatures to expect on land and at sea, led by guides Fredrik, Nando, Makson, and Yahya.

Record-breaking Reef & Wildlife

Less than 1 minute from the resorts is the famous ‘Cape Kri’ reef which holds the World’s Record for the highest number of reef fish species ever counted. The record stands from 2012 when Dr. G. Allen counted 374 different species in one single dive – The shear numbers of fish is mind-blowing.

The resort grounds have a wide variety of plant and wildlife. Wild orchids, monitor lizards, furry marsupial Cuscus, tropical birds such as Lorikeets, Eclectic parrots, Paradise Kingfishers to Glossy Mantled Manucodes and Cockatoos. Eventually you may even spot a Tree Kangaroo or Sugar glider. A spacious dining area with bar and lounge invites you for epic views over the Dampier Straight and the famous housereef and dive site Cape Kri. Bring along your Kindle or books to read and just wind down on our sundecks and wet lounge close to the lagoon.

The view from the breakfast room at Sorido Bay is one of the best in Raja Ampat


Sorido Bay Resort counts a total of just seven spacious bungalows (in 2 styles: “5x Sentani” and “2x Kaimana” )  in a private setting with excellent service and modern amenities.

The resort offers a selected and personalised service and is – without any compromise on comfort – nestled in the lush green jungle overlooking a kidney-shaped lagoon, meters away from the world’s most famous dive site ‘Cape Kri’: it is here where Dr. G. Allen recorded the world record of 374 different species of reef fish during 1 dive, making this the richest dive site in the world.

All rooms are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi internet and a comprehensive range of international sockets to complete the technology menu.

Sorido Bay is, in short, a very beautiful location.